• Capital Chandigarh
    Official Language Punjabi

    Punjab is a state in northern India. Forming part of the larger Punjab region, the state is bordered by the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir to the north, Himachal Pradesh to the east, Haryana to the south and southeast, Rajasthan to the southwest, and the Pakistan province of Punjab to the west. Apart from Chandigarh the other popular city are Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandar, Patiala, Kapurtala and Bhatinda. Punjabi is the native language with different dialects in the Eastern and Western Punjab.

    What is Pulsating?

    Punjab derives its name from Panj (meaning five) and ab (meaning water), it’s a land of the convergence of five rivers, Sikhism was born here and the Punjabi’s are known for their bravery and valor they are also equally known for their hard work, there is a famous saying that “You cannot find a Sikh begging” and that testifies the growth and contribution Punjab has been making consistently to the Indian economy, a large number of Sikhs serve the Indian armed forces. Most of Punjab lies in a fertile plain, alluvial plain with many rivers and an extensive irrigation canal system thus making it the most popular agricultural belt of India.

  • Punjab has a number of schools offering good primary and secondary education and there are equal number of state runs schools also in this segment, several institutions of higher education, including 32 universities which provide undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various branches of study. Punjab Agricultural University is a leading institution globally for the study of agriculture, Punjab has also India’s oldest medical institution in the Christian Medical College existing since 1894, Punjab also has premier institutions like the IIT, The National Law College, Indian School of business, and the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research.

  • Punjabi Khana (Food)  is the most delightful thing to be relished.

    • Butter Chicken
    • Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti
    • Tandoori Chicken
    • Chole Bhature
    • Masala Channa
    • Dal Makhani
    • Machchli Amritsari
    • Dhaba Dal
    • Paneer Tikka
    • Murgh Malaiwala

  • Amritsar
    Fatehgarh Sahib
    Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
    Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar
    Tarn Taran
  • Punjab and Punjabis are known for their valour and bravery. Golden Temple and the Wagah border- guarded by valiant soldiers and you will be eye ball to eye ball with the Pakistani Soldiers, in Amritsar - a Sikh pilgrimage site, Jallianwala Bagh-Public garden & massacre memorial, ChattBir Zoo-Large zoo with mammals, reptiles & birds. The palaces in Patiala, are some of the famous must to visit places.

  • The culture of the Punjab encompasses the

    • spoken language
    • written literature
    • cuisine
    • science
    • technology
    • military warfare
    • architecture

    The term 'Punjabi' can mean both a person who lives in Punjab and also a speaker of the Punjabi language.

    • Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport
    • Bathinda Airport
    • Sahnewal Airport
    • Pathankot Airport
    • Patiala Airport