• Capital Imphal, Guwahati (Judiciary)
    Official Language Meitei (Manipuri), English

    Manipur, formed in 1972, is a state in Northeast India, with the city of Imphal as its capital. It is bounded by Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south, and Assam to the west; Burma lies to its east. The common Language spoken is Manipuri Meiteilonn a Tibeto-Burman language. Some of the important cities are Churachandpur, Imphal, Kakching, Mayang Imphal, Moirang, Thoubal, Yairipok. 

    Why is it a Gateway?

    Manipur acts as India's "Gateway to the East" through Moreh and Tamu towns, the land route for trade between India and Burma and other Southeast Asian countries. Manipur has the highest number of handicrafts units and the highest number of crafts persons in the northeastern region of India.  It has long connected the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia, enabling migration of people, cultures and religions. Languages spoken other than official English are Khasi, Pnar, Hajong, Tiwa (lalung), Rabha, Garo and Biate.

  • There are a number of schools which offer good school education at the Secondary and Higher Secondary levels. The Institutes of Higher Learning are Central Agricultural University, Dhanamanjuri University, Manipur University, Manipur University of Culture, Sangai International University, two Medical colleges  Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences and Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Lamphelpat,  The three Technical  Institutes are Manipur Institute of Technology Indian Institute of Information Technology, Manipur, National Institute of Technology, Manipur.

    • Rice
    • Vegetables
    • Chamthong
    • Kangshoi
    • Vegetable stew
    • Eromba-a delightful combination of rice and fish
    • Morok Metpa-a spicy chutney
    • Singju-a famous Manipuri salad
    • Paaknam-a delicate fish cake
    • Chahao Kheer – the most popular dessert in Manipur
    • Alu Kangmet – a mashed potato delicacy
    • Nga-Thongba – a classic fish curry

  • Bishnupur
    Imphal East
    Imphal West
    • Ema Keithel (Mother's Market)
    • Loktak Lake
    • Red Hill Lokpaching
    • Kangla Fort
    • Sirohi National Park
    • Manipur State Museum
    • Sekta Archaeological Living Museum
    • Manipur Zoological Gardens

    • The Meiteis also have their archetypal costume that reflects their cultural heritage.
    • The clothes are rather ceremony specific and depict the aesthetic taste of the people.
    • The women are adorned in chunky and elaborate jewelry.
    • Manipur is home of several tribal communities who live together in mutual harmony.

    • Imphal International Airport